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Third Watch

thirdwatchHereā€™s an action-packed drama series that never became one of the greatest, but still knew how to pack a punch. For six years we followed the cops, paramedics and firefighters who worked the same hours, the ā€œthird watchā€, in New York; somehow, the most spectacular crimes and accidents would take place in those hours. The action sequences were well made and the show stayed credible up until the final season when violence seemed to become more important than the writing. The actors and their characters were quite engaging, particularly the cops. No one was allowed to become the ā€œstarā€; this was a good, believable ensemble performance. The writers knew how to handle the crises they created for their characters; that came to great use in those emotional episodes that covered 9/11.Ā 

1999-2005:U.S. Made for TV. 131 episodes. Color. Created byĀ Edward Allen Bernero, John Wells. Cast: Coby Bell (Tyrone Davis), Molly Price (Faith Yokas), Anthony Ruivivar (Carlos Nieto), Skipp Suduth, Jason Wiles, Michael Beach (99-04), Kim Raver (99-04), Eddie Cibrian (99-04), Tia Texada (02-05), Nia Long (03-05), Amy Carlson (00-03), Bobby Cannavale (99-01), Josh Stewart (04-05).



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