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Blood and Wine


The third Bob Rafelson pic where Jack Nicholson is a member of a family; heā€™s gone from being a son to a brother and now a father. He plays a wine dealer who partners up with a consumptive man (Michael Caine) to steal a valuable necklace, but unfortunately his family becomes involved. A depressing blend of family drama and crime thriller that isn’t terribly attractive, but the dark and unpredictable writing keeps it interesting and itā€™s touching enough to see the stars hate each other one minute and then change the attitude in times of suffering. The other actors support them ably.Ā 

1997-U.S. 101 min. Color. Directed byĀ Bob Rafelson. Screenplay: Nick Villiers, Alison Cross. Cast: Jack Nicholson (Alex Gates), Michael Caine (Victor Spansky), Judy Davis (Suzanne), Stephen Dorff, Jennifer Lopez, Harold Perrineau, Jr.Ā 



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