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Can’t Hardly Wait


Looks like the 1980s are back in this comedy about a huge graduation party. You may remember these festivities as they were portrayed in the movies of that decade, the kind of fun where a crowd usually ends up wreaking havoc on somebodyā€™s home. At the center of the movie is Ethan Embryā€™s character who tries to make the hottest girl in school (Jennifer Love Hewitt) know he exists. Very predictable, but Seth Green is fun as the white kid who thinks heā€™s black. One thing is for sure ā€“ the movie has got nothing on American Graffiti (1973).Ā 

1998-U.S. 98 min. Color. Written and directed byĀ Deborah Kaplan, Harry Elfont. Cast: Jennifer Love Hewitt (Amanda Beckett), Ethan Embry (Preston Meyers), Charlie Korsmo (William Lichter), Lauren Ambrose, Peter Facinelli, Seth Green. Cameo: Jenna Elfman.



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