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Barb Wire


This must be the dumbest version of Casablanca (1942) ever to end up on film; the concept was based on a comic book, but it doesnā€™t seem to do much for the movie. The story is set in a glum future plagued by a second Civil War; everything is familiar from Casablanca, including the freedom fighters who are trying to get to a safe haven and the bar owner who must choose sides. Pamela Anderson portrays a ā€œtroubledā€ character, but that stolen porn tape had people talking to a greater degree than this effort.Ā 

1996-U.S. 90 min. Color. Directed byĀ David Hogan. Comic Book: Chris Warner. Cast: Pamela Anderson (Barb Wire), Temuera Morrison (Axel Hood), Victoria Rowell (Cora D), Jack Noseworthy, Steve Railsback.



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