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Midnight Caller

defaultbildOne of those shows that were short on entertainment value but had something to say. It was the story of the cop who quit and became ‚ÄúThe Nighthawk‚ÄĚ, one of the nightly voices on radio. The people that Jack (Gary Cole) got involved with tended to engage him outside the radio station as well; his somewhat complicated acquaintances with a police detective and a reporter helped Jack in his quest to make San Francisco a better place. The stories dealt with topics and situations like¬†AIDS, prison riots and the 1989 earthquake¬†‚Ästconsidering all the misery, no wonder Jack was so blue. Cole tried to give the man a sense of humor, but rarely succeeded. When Wendy Kilbourne became pregnant, her character was written out after two seasons; the tempestuous Nicky (Lisa Eilbacher) replaced her.¬†

1988-1991:U.S. Made for TV. 61 episodes. Color. Created by Richard DiLello. Theme: Brad Fiedel. Cast: Gary Cole (Jack Killian), Wendy Kilbourne (Devon King, 88-90), Lisa Eilbacher (Nicky Molloy, 90-91), Dennis Dun, Arthur Taxier, Mykel T. Williamson.

Emmys: Outstanding Guest Actor (Joe Spano) 88-89; Guest Actress (Kay Lenz) 88-89.



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  1. Mandeep

    Nice noir series ūüĎć

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