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Dawson’s Creek

Creator/writer Kevin Williamson focused on the lives of teens at the age of 15, in times of angst, love, grief and joy, and did it in an attractive way. The lead characters were Dawson (James Van Der Beek) who dreamed of becoming the new Spielberg, his best friend Joey (Katie Holmes), the constantly unfortunate Pacey (Joshua Jackson), and Jen (Michelle Williams) who had a reputation for being promiscuous. The writing team labored away over the dialogue excessively; the way these kids talked sounded too grown-up. Still, situations dealt with during the showā€™s run made it entertaining and charming, not least because of the actors. The energy faded after a few years, though. The final episodes became a bittersweet reunion for the characters at the age of 25.Ā 

1998-2003:U.S. Made for TV. 128 episodes. Color. Created byĀ Kevin Williamson. Theme: ā€I Donā€™t Want to Waitā€ (Paula Cole). Cast: James Van Der Beek (Dawson Leery), Katie Holmes (Joey Potter), Joshua Jackson (Pacey Witter), Michelle Williams, Kerr Smith, Mary Beth Peil, Mary-Margaret Humes, John Wesley Shipp (98-01), Meredith Monroe (98-00), Busy Philipps (01-03).



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