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The Score


thescoreA sympathetic gift for all of you old-timers who long for the good old capers of yesteryear. The filmā€™s greatest strength is watching some of the most skilled actors from three generations of cinema history meet onscreen. The script does not provide them with clever enough parts to carry the entire movie though. Weā€™ve seen it before ā€“ an older, sophisticated thief (Robert De Niro) is about to make his last hit. Director Frank Oz cranks up the volume pretty good during the Customs House break-in, but a sense of humor would have made everything more enjoyable.

2001-U.S. 120 min. Color. Widescreen.Ā Directed byĀ Frank Oz.Ā Music:Ā Howard Shore.Ā Cast:Ā Robert De Niro (Nick Wells), Edward Norton (Jack Teller), Marlon Brando (Max), Angela Bassett (Diane), Gary Farmer, Paul Soles.Ā 

Trivia:Ā Brando allegedly disliked Oz so much that his scenes had to be shot in the directorā€™s absence.

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